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December 18, 2023
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December 18, 2023
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Healing From Child Abuse

The prevalence of sexual abuse of children is so widespread that chances are you will run across adults who have been victims of it, if you have not already, in the form of friends, relatives or co-workers. If you work with children, learning the signs of child abuse and stepping in as a confidante can save a child years of silent psychological torment, help them heal, and stop them from going on to become an abuser and continue the cycle of this secret epidemic. Education is our best weapon against its spreading, and for ending its dangerous effects upon society in terms of crime, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, depression, sexual dysfunction and overcrowding of prisons. Yet despite the hideousness of this act, it can also be the more innocuous every day occurrences which have almost equally damaging, often insidious effects on individuals who may even believe that they had wonderful childhoods.

I am holding a workshop which will address the wounds almost all of us carry, to help participants in healing from child abuse by bringing the light into the places that usually remain tightly closed and buried. The ability to share ourselves fully, and be heard and loved for who we are, can be a life-changing experience. It is also a privilege to be a witness for others in the group and to hold space for them in their healing.

Here is what one client who came to Atlanta from central Florida for a week to work with me on her sexual abuse issues had to say about the work we did after being plagued by it for her entire life:

Dear Debbie,

Your book “Talking to My Selves” is a must read. It opened the door to better understand the trauma that impacted my life. I was able to push past the negative thoughts that tried to prevent my getting your help. From the day I made my appointment with you I became ill as my body was reacting to a great fear. I would have canceled if not for the information in the book.

I still had to push past the voices as I drove through the security gate for our first appointment. But you made me feel at ease and I was able to trust your direction. The work we did has made amazing changes in my life. I know there is continued effort on my part and I have been able to use the tools developed in our sessions. I also know you will be there for any support I may need in the future.

Thank you is not enough.

– B.R., Florida

Although this is a class that I have been teaching mainly for Alchemical Hypnotherapists for the last 20 years, I am opening it up to include lay people as well as those in the healing professions.


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