Healing From Trauma And Childhood Abuse

March 8-9, 2014

This workshop is appropriate for both hypnotherapists and therapists who work with clients that are survivors of any type of trauma, including: neglect, abandonment, physical abuse, emotional or sexual abuse as well as rape and PTSD. It was designed specifically for Alchemical Hypnotherapists as an advanced curriculum course, but can be beneficial and useful for many professionals.

During the class participants will find many of the subjects apply to their own life and there will be time for self-exploration as well. Our motto in Alchemy is that “you can only take a client as far as you’ve gone in your own process,” so the act of learning techniques often goes hand in hand with clearing out your own body and subconscious mind of stuck emotional debris. Many people who become therapists, in fact, do so because of life circumstances they have endured, and the way their life was lifted by the therapy they have undergone.

If you are a lay person who is thinking of entering the field of healing arts, this class can be taken as a chance to look at some of the underlying issues that may be blocking you from moving forward, and to see whether this is really work you would like to do.

And finally this class may also be taken by someone looking for healing in their own life. Because of the intense nature of the material, it’s recommended that this is not the first step on your journey to healing your emotional wounds, but it is more geared toward someone who has already done a lot of work, but is still not satisfied with the results of your therapy thus far. This may provide the missing piece.


“I can see clearly that Debbie’s purpose on earth lies in showing us that in facing our deepest fears and most painful experiences we can transform our lives– opening ourselves to an immense new awareness and far-reaching new capacity to live.”
– J.R.Trevett, Licensed MT, Maui, HI


Course Description:

We will begin by creating a safe space in which to lift the veil of secrecy that typically shrouds sexual and other forms of abuse, allowing true healing to begin.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Identify Presenting Issues that may indicate childhood abuse in a client.
  • Discuss Alice Miller’s ideas on Poisonous Pedagogy and the social implications.
  • Talk about the benefits of Attachment Parenting and why Neglect is as damaging or more so than outright abuse.
  • Discuss the differences between men’s and women’s presenting issues stemming from abuse.
  • Explore common misperceptions about what constitutes sexual abuse as we learn to stretch the definition to include covert as well as overt acts.
  • Find out why survivors leave their body or “dissociate” and the continuum of dissociative states including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).
  • Share our own stories of abuse and the coping mechanisms we’ve employed.
  • Learn advanced and complimentary techniques for healing trauma and abuse in ourselves and our clients.
  • See how trauma leads to PTSD, its symptoms, and how to address them.
  • Discuss cutting edge findings from the field of Neuroscience about the brain and what happens to it during trauma.
  • Experience in-class exercises that access and transform subconscious memories to release guilt, shame and other toxic emotions from the body and mind.

The class will consist of lecture, emotional healing activities, writing and drawing exercises, lots of sharing, and perhaps a chance for one participant to receive a healing session in front of the group. NOTE: Private sessions are available outside of class hours and are highly recommended because of the amount of “stuff” that is often brought up during and after this class.

If you are an abuse survivor or a professional dealing with victims of trauma or abuse, this class will give you access to many tools for moving forward through the healing process.




“If an individual is ready and willing to accept the responsibility of knowing their past and dealing with it, then this class will open their heart, mind and soul. Becoming aware that you are not alone is worth taking this class. It is very special.”
– D.M., Cartersville, GA

“This class helped me to appreciate the broad scope of sexual abuse and provided me effective information on how to compassionately cope with my own issues and those of anyone I might meet.”
– A.M., Certified MT, Bremen, GA