The Game


Clarity: The Game of Your Life


Clarity is a game that acts like an Oracle. It was invented by AHAA! Founder, Debbie Unterman, in 2000. This insightful, self-revealing, and healing game provides fun while focusing on life’s issues. It is a microcosm that lets you see how you walk through life, while revealing your strengths, gifts, and blocks.

Clarity is a game of choices and clues that can lead to the inner knowledge of what is right for you. Playing it gives you an opportunity to face and clear blocks in your path to happiness and fulfillment. As it speaks to you like an oracle, it serves as a barometer of your degree of empowerment and ability to manifest the results you desire.

This therapeutic board game actually lets you take control of your destiny by giving you the answers that can help you navigate through life. It has amazed hundreds of players with its astonishing accuracy. By combining the fun of creative play, with the depth of self-exploration, the Game of Clarity helps you clear blocks to success by “playing for the health of it.”

People say that playing it combines the fun of Monopoly with the insights of a psychic reading. Learn more at

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