Alchemy and Conference Room Therapy

For the Body, Mind, Spirit & Emotions!

Release yourself of the baggage you carry through life with the assistance of a Master Alchemist. Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions help you tune in and get the answers from within. You can let go of your fears, pain, childhood abuse or trauma, self-sabotage, addictions, and set yourself free of loneliness, rage, PTS symptoms, insomnia, and co-dependency.

The best tour guides are those who know the terrain because they’ve been there themselves. In mastering this work, Debbie Unterman has been through 30 years of extensive experiential hypnotherapy processes and training, which have led her to a deep connection with her own inner knowing, Guides and Sub-personalities.

In a two-hour session, the process of Alchemy helps you recognize and accept the different and often opposing sides of your personality. We are actually complex beings made up of many different “Sub-personalities” or “selves.” Conflicts between these different aspects, or parts, such as the “Inner Child,” the “Judge” and the “Rebel” account for many of our problems and internal struggles in life.

Learn to make friends with all of you instead of working against yourself! Conference Room Therapy allows for “Inner Voice Integration” to help you develop a wonderful rapport with all your different selves so they can work together as an inner team who are all on the same side. The goal of these sessions is to achieve meaningful changes in your life quickly and effectively create a long-lasting transformation.  And most importantly, you soon learn to develop a keen intuition, once the internal voices have stopped warring inside of you. That is when you can begin to hear the whispers of the spiritual help that has been there to guide you all along. They can now take over the process for you, truly making this “therapy you grow out of!”

“Debbie Unterman is a vivacious, brilliant and compassionate Alchemist.”

– David Quigley, creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Discover your Personal Mythology

“By participating in a good sound ritual you are actually experiencing a mythological life. It’s out of that that one can learn to live spiritually.”

-Joseph Campbell, Ph.D., The Power of Myth

Do you believe that unlimited creativity and the power to live your dreams await discovery within yourself? Well, if you do – you’re right! Why seek answers from others when Divine Intelligence has provided them all right inside of you? Just as naturally as a butterfly emerges from a cocoon, you too can allow this powerful process to give wings to your desires and free yourself from the chains that bind you. Dare to explore the joy and beauty that await you. Stop holding yourself back or beating yourself up. Allow the tools of Alchemy and Conference Rom Therapy to guide you to true self-knowledge and personal empowerment.

Reclaim your birthright as a powerful spiritual being.  Experience the effects of therapeutic ritual, as recommended by the late great Joseph Campbell, while you develop your own “personal mythology” during each session. Real transformation occurs when you take the seed of imagining and plant it in the fertile ground of your cells. It’s the difference between knowing your truth and Being Your Truth!

Allow Debbie Unterman to guide you through this amazing journey of self-knowledge and personal empowerment that begins immediately from the first session.  Remember that this is short term therapy and you will meet your own Guides who will take over this process. This is what truly makes Alchemy so magical and self-empowering. Call Debbie right now and get ready to begin this journey of a lifetime. What do you have to lose?