Contact Debbie Unterman, Master Alchemist and author in Atlanta, Georgia, for hypnotherapy trainings and sessions to help you achieve inner peace. Unburden yourself of the baggage you carry through life with the assistance of a Master Alchemist. Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions help you tune in and get the answers from within. You can release your fears, pain, childhood abuse or trauma, self-sabotage, addictions, and set yourself free of loneliness, rage, insomnia, and co-dependency.

The best tour guides are those who know the terrain because they've been there themselves. In mastering this work, I've been through 25 years of extensive experiential hypnotherapy processes and training, which have led me to a deep connection with my own inner knowing, Guides and Sub-personalities.

The Book

My new book, Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head, delineates 22 different parts of us that make up the whole of who we are.

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The Game

Clarity is a game invented by AHAA! Founder, Debbie Unterman, in 2000. This insightful, self-revealing, and healing game provides fun while focusing on life's issues. It is a microcosm that lets you see how you walk through life, while revealing your strengths, gifts, and blocks.

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In a two-hour session, the process of Alchemy helps you recognize and accept the different and often opposing sides of your personality. We are actually complex beings made up of many different "Sub-personalities".

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Do you believe that unlimited creativity and the power to live your dreams await discovery within yourself? Well, you're right! Why seek answers from others when Divine Intelligence has provided them all right inside of you?

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