The Book

The Voices within Ourselves

A Word from Debbie Unterman about Her Self-Help Book

“My book, Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head, delineates 22 different parts of us that make up the whole of who we are. We all have conversations in our head – now you can name your inner parts and make friends with them. The book is divided into the Intellectual Characters such as the Judge, the Cynic and the Preacher, and the feeling, or Emotional Characters — including our Inner Child, the Prince/Princess, the Warrior, Rescuer, Victim, Sex Pot, and our Inner Romantic. Listening to these inner characters can lead us to our life purpose and create inner peace. I explain how when we leave these parts alone, they can create a classic body/mind split, and can wreak havoc with our health, work and relationships.”

March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

“In my practice I’ve found that most people are still judging themselves about things that were said to them, or incidents that happened, years ago. When you read my book, you learn right away to teach that toxic Inner Judge that not everything is your fault. Perhaps then your Warrior/Protector can help you begin to set appropriate boundaries and place any judgments where they truly belong. Plus, once he’s been de-contaminated, you can teach your Inner Judge to work for you by allowing him to concentrate on his positive, helpful traits of discipline, discernment and direction.

“My hope is that when we are all able to stop beating ourselves up, and start taking personal responsibility, we will also be able to cut down on our judgments of others.  We’ll realize we all have our own unique identities, and by understanding ourselves, we’ll begin to understand, forgive, and have more compassion for others. Because we’re no longer at war within ourselves, everyone can stop pointing the finger at everyone else, and judging others who are different as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ As we each create inner peace it can spiral outward and could potentially spread peace throughout the world.”

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Feel Connected

“One of my biggest goals with this book is to help people to feel more connected both to themselves, each other, and a Spiritual Presence in their life on a personal basis. Several television news networks began to report in 2007 that there is an epidemic of loneliness in much of the United States. It’s actually quite ironic for it to be occurring during this age of instant messaging and lightning speed communication.

“Part of the reason is a breakdown in the nuclear family with basically one out of every two marriages ending in divorce. In Alchemy we make sure that people who come to see us learn, in John Bradshaw’s words, that ‘it is never too late to have a happy childhood.” We know that there are archetypes of a wonderful Inner Mother and Father for every person even if their parents fell short due to the incomplete parenting skills that they learned from their own parents. Plus I include many exercises for helping people hone their intuition and tune into their Spiritual Guides. We all have the ability to hear the still, small voice that speaks to us, beneath the noise of all the voices of our parts. By first feeling a connection with all of your ‘selves’ you can begin feeling more connected and less alone.”

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Talking to My Selves

Learning to Love The Voices in Your Head

Ever wonder about those voices you hear in your head as if they have a mind of their own? Could that constant chatter really have something to say? This book introduces you to the cast of characters that make up the whole of who you are. Learn to make order of the chaotic thoughts that parade through your brain. Align them into a unified inner team that will ignite you toward motivation, commitment and success. How? First, name them; then tame them.

Who are they? Well, there’s the voice that tells you what you did wrong, and how you should be doing everything. That’s the Judge. Then, there’s the one that does just the opposite. That’s the Rebel. There’s also the Romantic who has you married off to the cute new guy at the office, until the part of you who knows it’ll never happen, chimes in that’s the Skeptic!

Let’s not forget about the voice you hear nagging you to put on your coat before you catch a cold, just like mother used to do. Wait a minute. That is Mom! What’s she doing in my head? She’s called an External Character as opposed to the Judge and twenty other internal voices, or sub-personalities, you’ll discover.

And there’s more. After finding all of your selves, learn why you sometimes need them to quiet down. Shhhh. Can you hear the whispers and wisdom of your Inner Guides? Find out how they can direct you toward joy, creativity and the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. It’s all inside this book.