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Healing from Trauma and Childhood Abuse  – (Atlanta, GA)
Participants will learn tools to identify and heal from child abuse.
Next class:  March 8-9, 2014
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Breaking the Chains of Co-Dependency – (Atlanta, GA)
You’ll never look at this addictive cycle the same way again after learning how easy it is to get off the co-dependent merry-go-round. Debbie will teach you the secret to having healthy, successful relationships.
Next class:  TBD

Hypnosis 101 – (Atlanta, GA)
Learn to hypnotize yourself and others to help you achieve your goals.
Open to everyone. Prerequisite for Alchemy Training

Alchemical Hypnosis: Basic Training Certification – (Atlanta, GA)
Learn to use techniques from Gestalt, Jungian therapy, visualization and
hypnosis to achieve rapid clearing of personal problems, elimination of
negative habits and the recovery of one’s full potential.
Prerequisite: Hypnosis 101

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Course Title Date Location
Healing from Trauma and Childhood Abuse Mar 8-9, 2014 Atlanta, GA
Breaking the Co-dependency Cycle TBD TBD
Hypnosis 101 TBD TBD
Alchemical Hypnosis – Basic Training TBD TBD
Clarity Game Master Training TBD TBD
Clarity Coaching Certification Training TBD TBD

*Dates subject to change

Use the game of Clarity to gain insights and understanding into your heart’s desires. By directing the intention of your game around a specific life path, choice, or situation, you can use Clarity to help you see and understand what a particular choice or path might look like in your life.

New Moon games are particularly powerful because all New Moons hold the space necessary to create and manifest more easily than at any other time of the month. Astrologer Jan Spiller calls the new moon “power days” that work to make your wishes come true. When combined with the power of Clarity, this natural increase in your manifestation ability can be used to assist you in defining your path and guiding you toward your best future.

Click a game below for detailed information.
Course Title Date Location
New Moon in Aquarius Jan. 30, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Pisces Mar 1, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Aries Mar. 30, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Taurus Apr. 29, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Gemini May 28, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Cancer June 27, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Leo July 26, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Virgo Aug 25, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Libra Sept 24, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Scorpio Oct. 23, 2014 Smyrna, GA
New Moon in Sagittarius Nov. 22, 2014 Smyrna, GA

BlogTalkRadio: Logical Soul with Dr. Michael Craig  –  Tuesday, May 24, 2011
In this radio interview Debbie discusses significant stepping stones in her life that took her onto this path to healing herself and others which she’s been on for almost thirty years, as well as many other topics, including how to get the negative voices of others out of your head.

“The Temple of Health” with Dr. Susan Kolb – June 19, 2010
Dr. Susan Kolb interviews Debbie Unterman about alchemy and healing.